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Here's roughly what it takes to get into Wharton undergrad: (1) 3. You may combine your BAS or BSE degree with a second degree in one of Penn’s other undergraduate schools. The marketing program at The Wharton School is one of the best in the nation. Many bigtime MBA programs require all students to take basic MBA courses. The Power of Wharton Incubating Ideas — Driving Insights — Creating Leaders Wharton is changing the way business is done. Section 002 is the Management and Technology Freshman Seminar; instruction permission is not required for this section and is only open to M&T students. Actuarial Mathematics, 8 c. Outside of the UA, Maria is a leader in Wharton Cohorts and Penn Leads the Vote, and an active member of the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association and the Penn Public Policy Student Group. In fact, graduates of the top ten undergraduate business schools easily made 50% more in first-year pay right out of school than the college grad average. b) Cross-listed courses count towards the major. in the College of Arts and Sciences outside of the College major still applies. Get Involved with Research Wharton Undergrad - At Wharton, you will gain the knowledge and experience you need to become a leader in business and make a positive impact on the world. I don’t have much life advice to give, but if you’re a prospective student or a current student reading this, hear me out: teach at least once as an undergrad. Wharton does not offer its MBA program in a one-year, evening, or online format. Summer is the best season. The mission of the Wharton Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Board (WAB) is to enhance the Wharton undergraduate experience by collaborating with the administration to generate and implement academic initiatives that have a positive impact on the learning environment. Find out more about our faculty, including full resumes (curriculum vita) in Acrobat PDF format, as well as information about research interests, current research papers, and other research projects. Develop your expertise as a leader and increase your competitive edge. SEE ALL PROGRAMS. The undergraduate business program rankings were based solely on peer assessment surveys. Professor Richard Kihlstrom Office & Hours: 2300 SH-DH, TBA, please email kihlstro@wharton. Custom Programs for Organizations. Take part in a dual-degree program, or choose study abroad, a Global Modular Course, Global Immersion Program. a) Two required courses (2 cu): HCMG 841 The Health Services System. The Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative is a leader in the rapidly growing fields of sports analytics and sports business engaging both our students and industry leaders. For more information, please email oid-undergrad@wharton. Academic advisors   Introduction. Wharton Undergraduate students must also receive approval from the Undergraduate Division. These courses were created by Wharton, and are taught by Wharton professors, including David Bell, Kartik Hosanagar, David Hsu , Laura Huang, Ethan Mollick, Lori Rosenkopf, and Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Karl Ulrich. **Not all courses are offered every year. Graduates from this major are better prepared to accept future career challenges. upenn. $79 per month for individuals. At the beginning of the spring semester, I had hardly made any plans for how I was going to spend my freshman summer. Requirements for the OID Major. The specific courses that are required for an Accounting major are designated by the department and cannot include the introductory core courses (ACCT 611/612 and ACCT 613). Course Requirements – Finance Major. All MBA students are required to fulfill the degree requirements of a major. You have a choice from 18 majors. Learn More » Download Schedule & Materials » And the most commonly cited reason not only for English majors but for all the most regretted undergraduate majors was limited job opportunities. To appear on these surveys, undergraduate business programs must be accredited by the Association to Undergraduate Program. LSM : The Roy and Diana Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management. a) If you waive FNCE 611 or FNCE 613 (or both), Marketing and Operations Management are two closely interrelated functional areas in all manufacturing and service firms. Teaching has been my most formative experience at Penn. 4% and that is for the entire undergrad at U of Penn all 4 schools. These courses, along with Accounting 201, 202, and two additional courses in accounting, comprise the accounting concentration. edu with questions or to set  Please note that not all College major programs offer a corresponding minor. Exam Information Below, please find direct links to the University Registrar home page, the final exam schedule, building locations and campus maps, and the Weingarten Learning Center. Led by Wharton faculty and instructional staff, programs explore topics that align with Wharton research and teaching. The real estate concentration consists of one required credit unit and three electives. For the second straight year, Wharton has placed first in the rankings admissions and employment outcomes categories. Independent Study: The department’s undergraduate independent study course (MKTG399) is offered on a limited basis to advanced students who have a 3. This cross-functional major is designed to satisfy the strong need in industry for MBAs with in-depth training in both areas. 2019-2020 Academic Year. For more information or to request admission application forms, see: Wharton Undergraduate Programs For all permits, please contact Beth Moskat at emoskat@wharton. Undergrads can choose from 23+ Wharton-approved programs in seven languages Wharton International Program Short-term international business course featuring site visits, excursions, and lectures Flexible, high-impact learning, whenever and wherever you need it. Below is a snapshot of the 2021 Wharton MBA Class Profile. Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, Booth,  6 Jun 2015 Compare how Harvard and UPenn's Wharton prepare you for a finance Note that the data on Harvard is for the undergraduate class as a whole, and even students studying non-business, non-technical majors like history  18 Apr 2016 “I went to the Wharton School of Finance, the toughest place to get into. 1, respectively, in the United States by the same publications. The course fulfills elective requirements for 5 Concentrations, Majors, or Minors: * Wharton Legal Studies and Business Ethics; * Wharton Entrepreneurship and Innovation/Managment; * Wharton Social Impact and Responsibility; * SAS Legal Studies Minor; * SAS STSC Major (Science, Technology and Society)--with permission. a) If you waive FNCE 611 or FNCE 613 (or both), Jun 11, 2019 · The Wharton School ranks as the top finance program for undergraduate business majors according to U. 4 overall GPA and wish to conduct academic research under the supervision of a Marketing Department faculty member. Take a second to get to know them – and if you want to know more, come and visit us on campus or put faces to these numbers on our Wharton MBA Stories page. Students can complete more than one concentration (Note: Students who entered Wharton in fall of 2017 or later may declare a maximum of two concentrations). Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives and its full-time MBA program are both two-year residential programs. Download Complete PDFs 2019-20 University Catalog; 2019-20 Undergraduate Catalog Wharton students who take Economics 10 instead of Economics 1 and 2 will have to take an additional 200-level course in economics to complete the major or minor. Because we have so many professors and departments, Wharton students can choose from over 19 concentrations, or they can work with a professor to create a unique concentration. Dual Degrees and Special Programs. Only one credit unit of pass/fail coursework can be counted toward the major. Undergraduate Program The Management Department offers courses and experience to students who want careers in management; who want to take on major challenges and responsibilities in private, public and not-for-profit organizations, large or small. I'd say Wharton undergrad is worth more than at least all the non-top10 MBA schools. FIND OUT WHY. HCMG 653 Health Care Field Application Project. The Wharton MBA Program offers 19 MBA majors to choose from. Location Choices. m. Since concentrations are just four courses, it’s easy for students to add or change them or do more than one. Professor Todd Sinai serves as the Chair of the department. Accounting Department The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 1300 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall 3620 Locust Walk Philadelphia, PA 19104-6365. edu). Without support, it can be scary to take risks in your life and career. These courses may be repeats of undergraduate courses. The undergraduate courses are the Wharton UG Program (BS in Economics, Wharton School), the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business (BS/BA), the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology (BS/BSE or BS/BAS), the Roy and Diana Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management (BA/BS), Nursing & Health Care Management (BS/BS), and additional dual degrees. Academic advisors are available to help you plan your academic program throughout the duration of your time at Wharton. Dual Degree in Nursing and Wharton This joint degree program combines a BSN degree from the School of Nursing with a BS degree in Economics from the Wharton School. Undergraduate. Plus electives (2 CUs), at most one non-Wharton course: BEPP 201: Introduction to Business Economics and Public Policy BEPP 305: Risk Management ECON 260: Decision Making FNCE 239: Behavioral Finance MKTG 211: Consumer Behavior MKTG 266: Marketing for Social Impact OIDD/BEPP 261: Risk Analysis and Environmental Management OIDD 291: Negotiations Wharton Leadership Programs. Wharton undergraduates can pursue a minor in addition to their concentration. 8+ uw GPA from a good private or top public high school (2) 2200+ SAT / 33+ ACT (3) At least one year of calculus (4) Solid recommendations Essentially, an application with all of Jan 26, 2017 · My Path to the Galapagos. Check out all of Wharton’s global offerings. Wharton Global Youth Program can develop specific trainings for educators and deliver academic solutions to match the needs of any array of students. , counted for more than two degrees/majors. A Wharton degree gives you the option of not getting an MBA (since the undergraduate program gives you just about everything), so you could go on to get a JD and be in the work force with both skill sets (while saving a hell of a load of time and money since you do not have to get a JD/MBA like you would if you went to Harvard). c) Courses offered in other departments cannot be counted towards the Finance major unless they have been cross-listed with the Finance Department. Meanwhile, Wharton's MBA for Executives and undergraduate programs are also ranked No. Upcoming Executive Education Programs by month, topic, or title. a) 5 CUs from any courses offered by the OID department, including core courses. For College students pursuing an engineering major, the graduation requirement of at least 16 c. Housing and meals are not included in the tuition. Partner with Wharton to build customized educational programming for a pre-collegiate student audience or educators. u. Penn’s undergraduate students pursue more than 90 majors across four schools and engage in interdisciplinary programs that make the resources of all 12 Penn schools available as they forge new paths in research and scholarship. Tiffany graduates in May from Penn's College of Arts and Sciences. You can deepen your interdisciplinary knowledge further with a dual degree or minor. Students should check with their school offices regarding their policies on transfer credit. edu Are you interested in receiving more information about the Operations, Information and Decisions Department undergraduate programs, seminars, courses and other opportunities? Page content is automatically generated from the 'Programs' custom post type, and rendered in the front-end view. Wharton’s Real Estate Department seeks to produce sophisticated professionals with the necessary skills to succeed in the business world but who also have a broader perspective on the issues involved in creating and maintaining living and working environments. e. One of two industry-focused majors at Wharton, the real estate major consists of three required courses (real estate law, development, and finance) and two electives, including real estate economics, urban fiscal policy, the relationship between government policy and private development, international real estate markets, and the aesthetic and technical considerations of architecture. Wharton Undergrad WHY HUNTSMAN The Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business is Penn’s unique undergraduate four-year jointly administered coordinated dual degree program in language, the liberal arts, and business. A Dual Degree is not to be confused with a “Dual Major,” where a student earns two majors within Penn Engineering, or with a “Second Major” where an engineering student also earns a major within the College. The Wharton undergraduate program is a unique combination of business and liberal arts courses to give students a strong foundation in critical thinking and reasoning. A new undergraduate course, which is part of the four-year Leadership Journey. Note: Wharton students are not permitted to take business courses elsewhere after matriculation at the University except in the case of approved Study Abroad Programs. That’s a pretty big chunk of change for a newly minted undergrad, Wharton Online Specializations. All students graduate from Wharton with a bachelor of science   The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is the business school of the University Meanwhile, Wharton's MBA for Executives and undergraduate programs are also ranked No. 5 cu of Multinational Management electives (If MGMT 875 is not offered, an international functional course — see (3) Wharton Leadership Programs. You can customize the curriculum to pursue a minor, study abroad, earn another undergraduate degree, or get a jump-start on graduate school. You're not talking about an undergrad from Penn State, this is Wharton you are comparing with and no, your MBA from UT Austin or other shitty schools won't be able to lay a finger on any Wharton grad, even those in UG. Wharton’s Executive Development Program is designed for successful functional, country, or unit managers preparing to take on broader responsibilities that require leading outside their areas of education and experience. The major consists of 4. Four courses are required for the concentration. Students wishing to major in Finance are required to take the two core requirements (FNCE 611, Corporate Finance and FNCE 613, Macroeconomics and the Global Economic Environment) and four upper-level elective Finance credit units. Undergraduate Program Health Care Management and Policy Concentration Find out more about the Health Care Management concentration course requirements, elective courses, minors and dual degrees, minor in BBB, and nursing and health services. Our faculty, students, and alumni generate big ideas, back them up with incisive analysis, and turn them into ingenious solutions that work. All Wharton single degree undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 37 course units (CUs) 1 and meet the curricular requirements described on this site and in the handbook. Pass/fail courses will not be counted toward the Finance major requirements. I have no idea why the Wharton administration offered “watered down” math and science courses, but this rei So let's simplify this question, because to include the college experience, I think, misses the spirit of the question. The Wharton MBA Advance Access Programs are deferred MBA programs that offer undergraduate seniors and graduate students in their final year of study a guaranteed pathway to the Wharton MBA after pursuing two to four years of quality work experience. Advertise events and share announcements with the community via the LCD screens around the Wharton campus. Faculty List. Earn Wharton alumni status upon completion of six open-enrollment Finance programs. Wharton International Program (WIP) Undergraduate Concentration. Interested students may apply via this link. Six to 14 day outdoor overnight treks that provide genuine environments of uncertainty and change. Concentrations. Huntsman Hall 3730 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-3615. Prerequisites (3 courses) Legal Studies & Business Ethics Department. The Wharton Undergraduate School courses. Applications are due by Monday, February 3, 2020 at 5:00 p. Explore Leadership Programs Through the process of continuous action, reflection, experimentation and application, we aim to develop the personal leadership capacities of our students. You won’t regret it. Professor Susan Wachter is the undergraduate advisor and can be reached at: wachter@wharton. You are here. The School has 5,000 undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA, and doctoral students; more than 9,000 participants in executive education programs annually and a powerful alumni network of 96,000 graduates. . S. Students earn a BA from the College of Arts and Sciences in a life science major and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School. One course in the second concentration can double-count as a Business Breadth. The trip features visits to tech-sector businesses, lectures at Wharton San Francisco, extracurricular activities, and networking opportunities with Wharton alumni in the Bay Area. International applicants are welcome. edu. Phone: (215) 898-7772 Fax: (215) 573-2054 Email: acct-staff MBA Program Major Requirements. The Wharton MBA Program offers 18 MBA majors to choose from. Wharton Undergraduate (WH) WH 101 is the first step of the Leadership Journey at Wharton. Acquire the finance skills necessary to remain at the leading edge of success in numerous professions with this program that covers a comprehensive range of finance disciplines. Expeditions tend to be high in physical intensity. Students should note the following policies: The Wharton Summer High School Programs are residential experiences for students currently enrolled in grades 9–11. The Business Economics and Public Policy concentration offers a wide range of courses for students interested in the role of economics in business, competition   All MBA students are required to fulfill the degree requirements of a major. The major requires five credit units. Wharton has 20 concentrations across 11 different academic departments, including a secondary concentration in retail. That is a new record for Wharton and for any other undergraduate busines program, up 5. For a complete listing of finance courses, please visit the Finance Department web site. Program information; Course Descriptions, including course descriptions and syllabi; For more information or to request admission application forms, see: Wharton Undergraduate Programs Select from 19 MBA majors. News & World Report The Best Undergraduate Finance Programs of 2019 - P&Q for Undergrads Share on Facebook For a complete listing of FNCE courses, refer to the Undergraduate Course Listings Page. The course offers students the opportunity to learn how to solve problems, identify opportunities, and generate those elusive ideas that potentially generate enormous Our community is shaped by our students, making it a dynamic learning environment. Policies governing academic actions, academic standing and petitions are those of the College of Arts and Sciences. The Wharton School has offered a real estate concentration for undergraduates since 1985. edu The Department’s Undergraduate Advisor should be consulted to craft the best elective choices for any given student, Dec 20, 2019 · Wharton Repeats As Top-Ranked P&Q Undergraduate Business School (3,894 views) Starting Salaries & Bonuses For Business Majors In 2019 (3,366 views) 10 Undergraduate Business Schools To Watch In 2019 (2,439 views) Wharton Doctoral Program offers 9 academic programs for PhD degrees and research careers in business, economics, finance, marketing, public policy, more. Undergraduate Program A key challenge now facing managers is the interpretation of the vast amount of data generated by computing systems. A list of all 36 available majors and annual graduates is presented below. The primary undergraduate program offered by the department is the Marketing Concentration. to be at Penn. Life@Wharton. Wharton students take courses in the arts, sciences, and humanities while learning business fundamentals and pursuing a business concentration. Earn Wharton alumni status upon completion of six open-enrollment programs. Before submitting an application, please review the rules , FAQ , judging criteria , and competition timeline . At least 1. David is a proud Penn alum and joined Penn Career Services in 2007, eager to leverage his professional experience working with students and alumni as they explore career options and embark on the future. Explore the diverse collection of executive education programs available at Wharton. The Real Estate Department is located in 1400 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall and the phone number is 215-898-9687. Student Leadership opportunities provide students with a deeper level of stewardship, development and training. Recent course syllabi may also be examined from this site. Accounting 101 and 102 are required courses for all Wharton undergraduate students. Undergraduate Chairs of Departments and Programs can provide details about specific majors. ). On class weekends, all executive students stay on site where, in addition to attending classes, they study and dine together. Interdisciplinary study, including 4 coordinated dual-degree programs. Jan 14, 2019 · At many of the best colleges, starting salaries for business majors in 2018 broke records, vastly exceeding the $50,390 average for all college grads. All MBA students are required to fulfill the course requirements of a major. edu Undergraduate Program Information Course Requirements – Finance Major. About Us Our Mission. The course is designed to fuel students' unique interests in academic, research, and professional pursuits; to raise awareness of the complexity of business; and to increase understanding of the interrelatedness of business disciplines. External transfer students are not eligible to apply. The defining characteristics of a Venture include: Wharton Stories How Data Science Led This Undergrad to Business Analytics M&T student Red Dimaano, W’18, E’18, on why he loves data science and how Prof. Download Complete PDFs 2019-20 University Catalog; 2019-20 Undergraduate Catalog Those programs that include a degree in the Wharton School include: Huntsman : The Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business. Intensives range from one-two days and tend to be low-medium in physical intensity. Dec 04, 2017 · This year’s graduates of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School earned total pay packages to start averaging $90,601. At the Wharton School, the world’s first collegiate business school, the undergraduate program integrates the intellectual enrichment of a liberal arts education with a comprehensive business curriculum. MBA for Executives San Francisco Ceremony Enhance your leadership skills and advance your business acumen with a focused curriculum that covers finance, leadership, marketing, and strategy. Explore the breadth and depth of knowledge within our degree programs – 19+ undergraduate concentrations, 19 MBA majors, and 9 doctoral programs. Wharton's MBA program offers the choice of 19 majors, tailored to fit your unique goals. Wharton gives you the tools and knowledge you need to change the world. A dual degree can be completed in four to five years depending on the major  Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Wharton undergraduate experience. Rounding out the top 5 most regretted majors: Scipio on 1:59PM 1:59PM 2019-2020 Academic Year. Spring 2020 Full semester courses. Undergraduate major 43% Humanities MBA Course Requirements – Accounting Major. As these data do not directly answer important business questions, data analysis and statistics must be used to interpret them. All Wharton students graduate with a bachelor of science in economics, but students choose focused areas of study called concentrations. Teams advancing to the Semifinals (top 25) are invited to pitch live at the Penn Wharton Startup Showcase on Friday, May 1, 2020 to compete for more than $135,000 in cash prizes and in-kind awards. Oct 03, 2019 · Long ago, when I attended Penn (Class of ‘68), any pre-med major was considered more rigorous than a Wharton business undergraduate degree. Specialized programs of study can be devised, but it is strongly recommended that the student consult with the concentration advisor before doing so. Location: The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Wharton Undergraduate Program (BS in Economics) Wharton’s undergraduate degree program offers you business and more — an innovative program that combines business and liberal arts on one Ivy League campus. Major Dinners and More is a series of dinner discussions on majors, minors and academic programs. 3440 Market Street, Suite 100 The department offers a major in Operations, Information and Decisions to MBA students who have taken 5 CUs of OID courses (including core courses). I like teaching. Thirty percent of your required courses will be taken outside of Wharton through Penn’s three other undergraduate schools or even some of our graduate schools. Courses taken on a pass/fail basis cannot be counted toward the Health Care Management Major. Enhance your leadership skills and advance your business acumen with a focused curriculum that covers finance, leadership, marketing, and strategy. Students enrolled in a dual-degree or coordinated dual-degree program should check with their program advisor to learn about their unique requirements. According to US News, MBA graduates of Wharton earn an average $159,815 first year base pay not including bonuses, Concentration Courses – link here to see the list of courses. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (/ ˈ hw ɔːr t ən / WHAWR-tən; also known as Wharton Business School, The Wharton School or simply Wharton) is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania, a private Ivy League university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eligibility: High school students currently enrolled in grades 10-11 with demonstrated leadership ability. Non-Wharton students should have taken the equivalent course in the College. edu The Business Analytics joint concentration between the OID and STAT departments is designed to build deep competency in the skills needed to implement and oversee data-driven business decisions, including (i) collecting, managing and describing datasets, (ii) forming inferences and predictions from data and (iii) making optimal and robust decisions. Students may apply through the freshman application or as internal transfers, space permitting. Several types of specialized programs can be devised, if desired, but it is recommended that the students seek the suggestion of the advisor before doing so. M&T : The Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology. In her free time, Maria enjoys going to music festivals and concerts, running outside, and writing about current events. The Black Wharton Undergraduate Association (BWUA) is comprised of highly motivated, intelligent, professional students who express interest in business and  . 3% from $86,065 a year earlier. But this year was the school’s most dominant performance yet. Gain powerful knowledge and tools from Wharton faculty, and insights from a worldwide network of peers, through in-depth programs that can be completed in just a few months. Total student population for this report includes those graduating between June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018. “Business schools are critical social institutions not only because they help students realize their full potential as individuals, but also because they empower students to use Wharton Graduation Ceremonies 2019. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 600 Jon M Huntsman Hall 3730 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-6340. 5 credit units beyond the required curriculum (i. Wharton students and students enrolled in the Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business can use BEPP 250 HONORS to fulfill the ECON 101 prerequisite for other intermediate or upper-level ECON courses. Wharton’s undergraduate program also offers a secondary concentration in Social Impact & Responsibility, housed in the Legal Studies and Business Ethics department. The concentration consists of one required credit unit  Students who flourish at Wharton and Penn possess a history of academic We understand the cost of an undergraduate education is a major investment for  a more focused program in one of three major disciplines: decision processes, Information and Decisions Department undergraduate programs, seminars,  The four-year undergraduate program at Wharton, with required courses in mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, humanities, and behavioral and natural  9 Oct 2017 Some of the first-year MBA students in Wharton's Class of 2019 Top Undergraduate Major, Humanities (41%), Financial Services (21%)  20 Feb 2018 A look at which undergraduate majors give you the best odds to get an 10 MBA programs (i. Academic advisors in the MBA Program Office of Academic Affairs are available to help you plan your academic program throughout the duration of your time at Wharton. Phone: (215) 898-8222 Fax: (215) 898-1280 Approved Undergraduate Courses ACCT270 (a, c): Predictive Analytics Using Financial Disclosures BEPP280 (a): Applied Data Analysis and Causality for Business and Public Policy Dec 06, 2017 · The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania topped the list as the best undergraduate business program in the nation. No course may be triple counted, i. Dual and joint degree programs between Wharton and Penn Engineering require a one-year probability and statistics sequence which may be satisfied with either ESE 301/302/402 (ESE 402 to replace ESE 302 starting Spring 2019) or STAT 430/431. LGST Concentration Advisor: Professor Phil Nichols, 215-898-9369, JMHH 668, nicholsp@wharton. If you have unanswered questions, then you are encouraged to consult with your faculty advisor and the Statistics Minor Advisor, Professor Abraham Wyner (448 JMHH, ajw@wharton. Distinguished Wharton alumni in the private equity industry will be our guest speakers for many of the cases based on transactions they concluded. Students in this program select the Health Care Management and Policy concentration in the Wharton half of their curriculum. We understand the cost of an undergraduate education is a major investment for most families, and we encourage you to visit the University’s Paying for a Penn Education page to find out more about the aid resources available to Wharton undergraduates. Students concentrating in real estate must take the following course: REAL 209/FNCE 209 Real Estate Investment: Analysis and Financing #. Please consult with the MBA Real Estate Advisor regarding course availability. Only one Finance 399, Independent Study may be applied to the concentration. THE ONLY last reported admit rate for undergrad at the U of Penn is 9. The real estate concentration is offered under the auspices of the Real Estate Department of the Wharton School. Academic Term Semester Type Statistics Department. You can enhance your education with courses and programs in anything from art history or music to chemistry or political science, following your interests and passions wherever they lead. Additionally, I was attracted to the wide range of courses offered by Wharton’s Finance Department. If a Wharton undergraduate degree gives you all of the skills necessary to generate the maximum revenue you can generate for your employer, then you do not need an MBA. Dec 20, 2019 · For three years in a row now, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has topped Poets&Quants ranking of the Best Undergraduate Business Schools. I knew that this concentration would provide me with a multitude of options, both in terms of courses and future career opportunities. Geoffrey Garrett, Dean and Reliance Professor of Management and Private Enterprise, The Wharton School Kate Lakin, Assistant Director of Global Equity Research Putnam Investments Joseph Wang, C’13, W’13, Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company MBA Strategic Management This major provides students with a deep grounding in the basic logic of competitive advantage, premised on a careful analytical treatment of the distinct qualities and positions of individual firms and an understanding of broader competitive dynamics. List of undergrad majors offered at Wharton County Junior College Maria Curry is a Senior in the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business, and is originally from the suburbs of Atlanta in Peachtree City, GA. Penn is home to four undergraduate schools: The College of Arts and Sciences The School of Nursing Penn Engineering The Wharton School. Provost Exam Rules and Regulations Current sophomore and junior undergraduate students who have declared a major in Nutrition or Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism no later than January 3, 2020 and have not previously participated in the Wharton Program are eligible to apply for a Wharton Summer Student Research project. Expeditions are outdoor, experiential programs that span the globe and range from 6 – 10 days. Regardless of school or major, all Penn undergraduates are able to investigate and understand our world through an arts and sciences foundation. One additional essay is required for the freshman application. Pass/Fail Option: Please note that no real estate class that is taken pass/fail can count toward the real estate major. Each accounting major is required to take one course in financial accounting (currently ACCT 742). With a broad global community and one of the most published business school faculties, Wharton creates economic and social value around the world. 2 and No. Undergraduate Program Marketing is a challenging field of study which, to an undergraduate major, offers excellent career prospects. It takes an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on faculty and courses from several Wharton departments. Poets&Quants found that 100 percent of Wharton graduates were able to I've heard that Wharton's undergraduate programs are significantly harder to get accepted into than those of the College of Arts and Sciences. If that's wrong, please correct me. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. MBA Course Requirements – Accounting Major. Undergraduate Majors at Wharton County Junior College The most popular major at Wharton County Junior College is General Studies followed by Welding Technology/Welder and Fire Science/Fire-fighting. She dual-majors in Wharton with concentrations in Finance and Legal Studies, and in the College of Arts & Sciences in International Studies with a minor in Spanish. Learn more about Wharton's variety of MBA degrees & specialties. For Wharton students, this means you must have passed BEPP 250 (undergrads) or MGEC 611 and 612 for MBA's. In most cases, students use three Unrestricted Electives to take courses toward their second concentration. Undergraduate Statistics Concentration; Undergraduate Statistics Minor; Business Analytics Joint Concentration; Undergraduate Course Descriptions; Undergraduate Course Schedule; Undergraduate Employment and Educational Opportunities; MBA Program. Some restrictions will apply. Applications for summer 2020 programs are now open. Every year, I make time for at least one teaching project to keep myself sharp.  Students choose specialized areas of study with more than 20 concentrations offered across the 10 different departments. 1. Find a faculty supervisor. NHCM: Nursing and Select from 19 MBA majors. The cost of attendance represents the cost of attending Penn for an academic year, and includes both direct costs that appear on your student bill such as tuition, fees, housing, and dining, and indirect costs that are not billed by Penn, such as books and supplies, transportation, and an allowance for personal expenses. EVER. The Wharton Industry Exploration Program gives 40 undergraduates a week to explore and experience the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Internships can be a valuable way to explore a particular intellectual or career path. For Kiersa Sanders, finding a community at Wharton made all the difference. NON WHARTON STUDENTS. This course is designed to teach students several creative problem solving methodologies that complement other managerial tools acquired in undergraduate and graduate studies. TAs will assist in the delivery and class management of Wharton 101. PLEASE NOTE: While this course is primarily intended for graduate students, admission may be granted to a limited number of interested undergraduate students. MBA Contact Information; MBA Major in Statistics; MBA Major in Business Analytics; MBA Major in Wharton MBA students come from many different backgrounds, bringing a diversity of experiences and perspectives to our dynamic community. Programs of Study Each of our nine programs gives you access to world-renowned faculty whose expertise spans a broad range of business knowledge and disciplines. I am not 100% sure what I want to major in, but political science and business are two of the options I am strongly considering. Courses taken for a Finance Major must be taken for a grade. Undergraduate Wharton students have open enrollment style opportunities to engage in custom programs throughout the school year. Pete Fader started him on a path into academic research. I was dual concentration Finance & OPIM and agree that you might as well take Finance as Wharton is probably the top finance school in the World (unless you think it might impact your grades too negatively The minor includes courses from the Wharton School, the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), and the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), as detailed below. This information is as of September 12, 2018 and is collected and reported according to MBA CSEA Standards. Students may pursue additional coursework on environmental and technological risks in parallel with the Wharton program through the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. You might be surprised to discover what kind of research our faculty and students pursue, and how you can apply it. In 1959, Wharton adopted the curriculum that is now taught in most major business schools: the program was changed with liberal  Finance Department Advisor. 8+ uw GPA from a good private or top public high school (2) 2200+ SAT / 33+ ACT (3) At least one year of calculus (4) Solid recommendations Essentially, an application with all of The real estate concentration is offered under the auspices of the Real Estate Department of the Wharton School. Lecture with discussion required. , MGMT 655, MGMT 611, MGMT 612) . Phone:(215) 898-7689 Fax: (215) 573-2006 Email: lgst-info@wharton. Health care management is an exciting field, which to the undergraduate major, offers excellent career opportunities in private health care corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. (Interschool minor* with the Wharton School. Students are not limited to the amount of learning opportunities provided by the McNulty Leadership Program. Learn More » Download Schedule & Materials » Take a single class, or complete all five in the specialization. The Business Economics and Public Policy concentration provides skills and insights that are useful to future consultants, private and public managers, lawyers, economists, political scientists, and policy analysts. So to be clear again, there is NO last reported admit rate for Wharton undergrad. Our most popular and accessible courses, Wharton Online Specializations are programs of four to five courses that help you build business acumen across a variety of topic areas, including healthcare, leaderships and communication, and entrepreneurship. Spanning four undergraduate schools, Penn's majors allow students to integrate their interests and College of Arts and Sciences The Wharton School. Four of the six courses for the minor must be taken outside of the student’s concentration or major. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 400 Jon M. The advice I had gotten from multiple upperclassmen was that I should use that 4-month-long stretch of time to pursue interesting activities that weren’t necessarily preprofessional, in other words, they encouraged me to have fun. Approximately 40% of students complete their degree with two majors. There is little to add to Jing's answer. wharton undergraduate majors