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How to stop oil coming out of valve cover breather

A Hi-Vol oil pump was fitted as part of the re-build. Remove the original breather gear and insert the new S&S reed valve assembly into the breather valve cavity. It's leaking out ALOT of oil! What do you guys do to stop oil from coming out? Show Full Signature The thing is during hard acelerationthe breathers spit oil. 18 Apr 2018 Oil leaks from the PCV fitting on your valve cover can signal high is that the seals will start leaking as the pressure pushes oil past them. Leaking exhaust valve seals will also contribute to spikes in crankcase pressure, which are particularly noticeable because the valves are just below the oil filler cap. I carried out the 1200 upgrade on my wife's 883 Sportster, 1997 model. On both the valve covers I have here, the holes are wet with oil. The non-EGR models had a breather valve instead of a tube. My motor was blowing oil out the valve cover under boost, so I was worried that a piston is cracked. This replaced a'48 216. Thanks. did you overfill the oil. A few seconds after the engine runs, oil starts the spew out of the valve cover vent tube. Thise would create a nice evactuation system, with the breather taking in clean air first through the air cleaner, then through the air cleaner in the Nov 24, 2019 · I seem to remember a similar problem. Clean the ball bearing and the oil pump bore, then stretch the spring about 1/4″ longer. Rocker cover breather - posted in Engine: Since getting my engine re-built, I've had problems with oil coming out of the rocker cover breather (K&N style gauze filter, fitted to the filler hole), and PCV. The drivers side elbow is pointed towards the rear and the passengers side elbow is pointed towards the front. Turns out the way the breather tube was positioned in the axle housing the gears were throwing oil into the tube at such velocity that it was causing it to spew out the breather. I went to the auto parts store and bought a PCV valve "that fit" the grommet. Sep 02, 2005 · The bore cleaned up with a . (I think the oil drops are coming from the valve cover gasket on one side. These are not drips of oil. May 19, 2006 · Putting a Stop to Oil Consumption through the PCV Valve Background Info on the PCV System The PCV is an emissions device that allows the pressure and corrosive gasses in the crankcase to vent, without venting these harmful gasses to the environment. One is that the intake valve is failing Dec 25, 2018 · stop tractor by moving hydro control to neutral, engine RPM unchanged at 1800, PUKE goes the breather tube with engine oil. When oil comes from the tube, it seems to me like their may be too much "pressure" inside of the engine, causing oil to come out from Valve guides/seals cannot cause blow-by out the breather; they might cause oil smoke out the exhaust. I've never had one off so don't know what's inside but have to assume that the leak is oil getting splashed up, probably in a fine mist form, in to the vent where it can then dribble out and down the differential housing. Highway speeds and track days were the WORSE for getting way too much oil coming out of my breather cap. After I swapped my carb I had to use an open air filter. There was a small amount in the airbox when I switched over to ramair, saw the same on the block and bought tubing to run it to my ramair. Most reservoirs have an internal pipe to direct oil downwards to the tank bottom. Anyone know if there is a temp fix for this until I am able to buy a new engine?? PLEASE HELP 3 Answers. The system usually consists of a tube, a one-way valve and a vacuum source (such as the intake manifold). So I plugged it and then I would get air leaking out of my dipstick. I was having a problem with the oil disapearing. Then place the catch can in between the valve cover breather and the PCV valve. It was blowing air/oil out the valve cover vent. My 1995 Ford Escort is blowing a significant amount of oil through the hose that goes from the valve cover to the air filter. And I'll bet many of you have replaced oil pan and rocker cover gaskets multiple times, only to have them continue leaking. My "journey of discovery" about PCV valves began with the fabricated crinkle black valve covers I have on my 440. So both the intake crossover pipe w/check valve connects to occ outlet 1 and the intake manifold w/check valve connects to outlet 2. The hot exhaust system is located directly below the valve cover, and a small amount of leaking oil that comes in contact with these hot exhaust parts can produce smoke and a burning odor. Allready checked small breather pipe with check vavle ok. The PVC valve was sucking in oil and blowing smoke out the exhaust. A larger air breather on the valve cover would have been better. I have a breather on the driver's side cover, with no baffle. which is on the rear. It will be forced out the one-way breather valve, up the breather hose, and into the air cleaner assembly. There's a lot of splashed oil under the valve cover, and I expect it just seeps between the gasket rather than running down into the head. This creates a vacuum in the crankcase that should then pull fresh air through the breather at the front of the valve cover. Re: Briggs & Stratton Won't stop smoking If the carb is the float type check the float chamber for oil. I drove for about 25min and my oil pressure dropped again, but this time close to 10 and it leaked a little oil out of breather hose of the valve cover. This should I hope, stop the oil from being pulled out. Ken, Caloundra Qld. Also note that the breather on the driver's side has a hose connecting it to the air filter housing which allows the air to pass through the air filter before it's drawn back in through the breather on the valve cover. This is what is supposed to happen with motor oil. Causes a massive oil build up on top of the head and low oil pressure. If oil is covering just the bottom of the finned oil sump, it could be pushrod tube and/or seals, valve cover gaskets, piston jug-to-crankcase not sealing, or the oil sump cover is warped or is otherwise not sealing properly. Use a wire to poke the breather hole clean of any oil or dirt buildup. If it's pushing air/oil into the breather the PCV is not working properly. I'm running non baffled fabricated valve covers with a breather hole in each cover. The sealed breather acts as a baffle and doesnt let oil up into the hose,the oil drains back into the cover. any suggestions, after say a 150 km run, if I idle the motor with breather off , you can see fumes being emitted. Jul 13, 2005 · Technically speaking, there should be a PCV valve in the passenger side valve cover. Oil restrictors were not designed to stop this, they were designed to keep oil in the pan when running stock pans. Oil flow out of the rocker cover breather hoses should not ordinarily be a problem with the XR1200. its a 351C with about 10. Have you any idea what this could be. Hi, I'm having the same issue with my p218g with the breather in the valve cover. The new rings just seemed like a good idea at the time and now wish it was never done ! Just trying to figure out why after new rings I am having this problem . It was blowing oil so badly out of the rubber hose that it blew the tube right off the side of the carburator. [/URL][/IMG] The hollowed out pcv valve goes in the passengers side valve cover so it openly breathes. . Re: oil breather Quote:The new Evolution style S&S breather reed valve replaces the standard rotary breather valve in Evolution big twin style engines. How much oil??? Dumping oil, or a couple of drops?? If it's pouring out then you've got a bad injector body and need to stop running the engine. Problem Jul 06, 2015 · Yes, I'm aware there's two different hoses, but I'm talking about the one coming off the valve cover. the oil is not coming out of the gromet, it is where the cap and valve cover meet. It's too keep the oil from blowing out of the breather onto the valve cover. Even the best street engine never seals all that combustion pressure. At 60 mph ride in 100 plus temperature here in the desert I have oil spewing out of the crankcase breather hose, this hose runs from the crankcase behind the cylinders up the frame tube and ends up just below the seat on the right hand side. Disconnecting the breather tube, which blows fresh intake air into the valve cover, and placing a breather on the valve cover just creates more blow-by and emissions. Oil will still get misted and end up leaking out of the filter you have there, and eventually you will have oil all over the place in your engine bay. I put full synthetic oil and a good filter. Oil Blowby Tractor Engine Repair Rebuild Tractor Engine Repair Rebuild looking for any possibility on cause of oil blow by out the valve pan vent on b7100 with 820 hours at high rpm blowing snow, May 17, 2012 · I would say: first of all, check which orifice it is coming from. The stock rubber elbows are put on each side. There still is a breather to allow make up air back into the engine. My 3-cyl D950, is hard to start, and when it does start white smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe and valve cover vent tube. This is because the pressure in the crankcase may increase when the PCV valve fails, so the oil is pushed out through the seals and gaskets since there's no Nov 12, 2018 · Hi. So for my problem: I did a boost leak test a while back because I am getting bad gas mileage and when I did the test all of the air would leak out of the valve cover breather. On an open breather,especially the round ones that are open on the bottom,the oil will get into the breather and them drip out the holes in the bottom. 5:1. In reviewing how to replace valve cover gaskets and redo the breather cover seals to stop these multiple oil leaks on my 2002 S430, I thought how hard can this be? Just been down to boat and cleaned up the bilge for the fortieth time and the only place any oil is coming from is the breather which is on top of the air filter it seems to be going in to the sponge of the air filter and dripping down underneath So it doesnt look like crank case oil seal I hope, the place the leak appears is under the air filter I had a look around the seals and there doesnt I have oil blowing out of the oil breather on the pump. did a compression test recently and it was 115-120 accross. i know there the crank case ventilation but could it be just burning off all the assembly lube and such? ive Hi all, I have a 548 ci. If there is a buildup of oil around the outside of the valve chamber where the cover attaches, the gasket may be worn and require replacing. A blown gasket lets one or more fluids to get past the seals and mixed into the exhaust stream. I've always know it as a crankcase breather hose, and it has a single aftermarket hose that bypasses the airbox to eliminate the dirty, hot air from going back into the motor so that's why it came with the little plug so it wouldn't just be open and suck unclean air. The oil level is fine,water level Apr 03, 2011 · A breather will help from creating too much vaccum and sucking in oil and seals, or helps push out extra pressure if the PCV system is not efficient. Oct 10, 2015 · Oil migrates slowly up the breather tube and makes its way out through your air filter. The breathers are also the kind that have a shield to keep oil in the valve covers. Is blow by common on a new motor? Would a taller valve cover or may be a better one stop the oil? Nov 12, 2018 · The flow from the oil pump should open the valve and allow the oil to circulate but the rubber seal can harden and not stop the sump drainage. As said earlier post gas in oil. Yes Lloyd, the monsoon hit here with a vengeance about 2 weeks ago. Re: Breather Cap oil blowout 02-21-06 10:51 PM - Post# 880065 In response to masterclean The question is how much is coming out. 030 overbore, and there was no head or valve damage. Turned out it was clogged oil passages to some of the rockers except the one under the breather was flowing heavy. However, a sticking valve will cause low oil pressure. Best of luck Oil leaking out of valve cover air filter hose 11 Answers. Runs great since the rebuid. Mar 31, 2007 · The oil coming out of the breather tube at that point will slow down considerably, but will not stop. Leaks past the rings will be heard coming out of the side of the motor where the advancer cover is removed or out of crankcase vent. I still get oil. . Figured Triumph "meant" it to do that. I never heard about the dipstick O-ring causing this, mine is a little moist. Oil leaking out the overflow tube There is a known problem caused by a oil gallery plug becoming dislodged at the rear of the head. Any ideas? Also, ive driven the car, under 100 miles since i got it, and the oil was crystal when i first bought it, and now its pretty dirty. If, the crankcase is not overfilled as 30yearTech mentions then take the breather cover off (I've never run one without it) and run the motor. I turned the breather 180 degrees so the breather tube was now facing the axle housing, cleaned all the oil off with some brake cleaner and continued the test drive. I even set up an elbow using hose that turned up and connected the breather horizontaly. Compression was 140, 100, 70, 140 psi. A heavy breathing engine could be telling you compression is getting past the rings and pressurising the crank case. [or a baffle]. I runs great but when you run it hard (anything over half throttle for 30 second or so) it start to pump oil out of the vent tube coming out of the black box. Jan 15, 2015 · I did some maintenance this winter and was trying to find a oil leak that i have been chasing for a while now. Use a drag link or a chisel to unscrew the cap of the taller tower on the oil pump to access. I have a 289 with stock heads, and after the car warms up, the engine smokes out of the right valve cover (from the front of car) and theres oil on the valve cover. I checked the original PCV, it apeared to be working ok, so I cleaned it and re-installed it. I just purchased this car via auction last month. Example 2: drive down the road pulling empty hay wagon, come to stop sign, use hydro control to stop tractor, engine RPM unchanged at 2200, PUKE goes the engine oil out the breather tube. The driver's side should have a breather with a hose coming off of it that attaches to the air cleaner base. finds its way out via the crankcase breather. Jan 11, 2016 · A bad PCV valve may have a leak, which will cause excessive oil consumption. Some people will pull this line out and just put a little breather filter on the hole on the valve cover from this line. That is going to be hard because of my serpentine system Sep 13, 2008 · Small engine is blowing oil from breather tube, 12 1/2 horse Briggs, OHV. The engine puts out plenty of power. If you want to do this right and remove oil vapor from the circulating crankcase before it goes into the intake valve then, get an oilcatch can and put a breather on the catch can. I have driven it half a dozen times and after warming up the I see white/gray smoke whisping from the valve cover breather. Aug 25, 2012 · Guys I need some help. If you have this problem - you may need to remove the rocker cover to check a replacement plug is avaialable. You may have a ring sealing problem. Sep 15, 2013 · Here are some things to do if oil is found in the crankcase breather hose. Apr 13, 2010 · I removed the valve cover and refilled the engine with oil and cranked it up and ran it at different speeds. There is no oil in the air cleaner then after running for 30 minutes I get pools of oil in the aircleaner. This can especially be an issue in high performance applications where PCV airflow is increased, or custom and aftermarket valve covers are used. We have a sk40sr that has done 4800 hrs. Good luck. In order for the PCV system to sweep fumes out of the crankcase, the crankcase must have a source of fresh air. how to prevent blow-by gases from being released directly into the atmosphere. This way the system doesn't stop functioning and gives the air somewhere to go other than out the breather cover hence pooling or in my case mess. 21 Jan 2016 It appears to be foam/fluid coming from the Valve cover vent tube. Hose(s) may become oil soaked and swell, preventing them from sealing the engine. Crankcase pressure is what forces the oil out not having too much oil in the valve cover. During the 30 minutes it was running I only counted about 1/2 dozen drips of oil from the breather tube. I jump the battery and it starts. The breather is there to stop this pressure blowing seals. You can get a new oil filler cap, and maybe seal up or tighten the blowby tube. BBC, I have oil coming out of my breathers. If it's a couple of drops then it's just normal blow-by. I am having a problem with my engine breather tank spraying oil out the breather and all over the underside of the rear of the car. The pcv valve still has lots of suction and I just replaced the valve cover gasket so I don't think it would be those. So if this gentleman’s car has a true oil leak at his valve cover, let’s help him figure out what is causing it. 9 times out of 10 oil out the breathers is a sign piston ring blowby, usually from worn or cheap rings. But will a new PCV valve cause the oil drops to stop? Or is it “too late”, and the damage is done…. Positive Crankcase Understanding History of the PCV – Positive Crankcase gasses leaking past the rings (called “blow-by”) and into the crankcase were the pressure into the atmosphere with a road-draft tube and breather cap. I am sure I had not over filled the engine oil As you know the breather hose is connect to the valve chamber where the valve spring is. ok put it all back together tried to start it couldnt but i did see some light grey bluish smoke coming out of the valve cover breather it was very faint but i did see it. Never had a problem with oil blowing out in the 17 years I've been driving it. Hi all. theres alot of smoke coming out of my breather hose could this be too much oil i put a quart and a 1/8 I got new gaskets because they were leaking. I just had one that was on it's side when I got it and oil had gotten in there through the valve sping box vent tube draining into the venturi and then running into the float chamber causing the same problem. So if you find oil coming out of exhaust, this could be a place to take a look. Aug 25, 2012 · Hi all I have a golf 1. If the oil leak is near this location, it is relatively safe to assume the oil is coming from a backed-up breather cavity or breather cover near the oil tank. its getting lots of blow by oil comes out the top of the valve cover when accelerating the smoke is coming out of the top of the valve cover and i just put a new pcv valve in because that's what i thought it was but it didn't get better i just put the engine in this truck i bought it from a guy that said it was rebuilt (lol I had the same problem on my 347. The problem is I'm getting all kinds of oil coming out the center vent in the valve cover. May 25, 2018 · Improper blow-by control can lead to oily breather and valve covers. If you have blue smoke coming out of you tailpipe, you may have a clogged oil separator valve. The breather is usually provided with baffles and filters to prevent oil mist and vapour from fouling the air filter. If the bike continues to sump often or excessively, you will likely need to replace your oil pump. _____ The PCV valve should have a constant vacuum source sucking crankcase fumes into the engine (via the nipple under the carb) and fresh air should be entering the crankcase through the breather cap. A breather tube and PCV from inlet valve cover to carburettor manifold. Happened to me on an old CB750 and made the exit ramp VERY exciting, since I had no idea it was happening, and it came with an open vent. Shouldn't have that much oil coming out unless it's not on tight. When the car is idling there is no oil coming out of the breather but after I have driven the car oil starts dripping from the intake onto the exhaust manifold and starts to smoke. Changing the oil on my 01 yz426 and notice something. Jul 28, 2017 · there is a reed valve in the breather assy , when it breaks the crankcase no longer forms/holds a vacuum and it pumps the oil mist out as the pistons pump the air in the crankcase when they move back and forth ( take the oil cap of while its runing and it will cover you with oil ) and also blows the gas mixure out of the carb as its connected to it ( its supposed to suck the vapors in and burn May 18, 2008 · So i just rebuilt my old tire 302 and i put some cobra valve covers on it, from front of motor the left side has a filter breather on it and the right side has a stick in breather (not sure exact term here) but when i start it and run it theres been smoke coming from both of them. Also check to see on your bike if you are supposed to screw the sick in, or just stick it in. I have tried 2 different types of caps, one with the pcv/breather cap and hose and the one with out the pcv valve and hose. I modified the crankcase breather line because of the beneficial effect of not draining oil from the tank into the bottom of the engine, and to keep from blowing oil out of the tank during high rpm engine operation. From the pictures of new breather tubes the check valve seems to be on the valve cover end. I installed it as instructed and today when I got to the show the breather cap was clean. But once I went out and got the thing to operating temperature and ran her for an hour it was gone. The rear breather tube does not have a check valve in it, assuming the check valve is on the valve cover side and not on the turbo side. Cylinders have a small lip at the top, around 0. Many relocate the breather tubes so that the oil drops to the ground. This also happens if an engine sits, due to leak back through the check ball in the oil pump. G2 runs rough, spills gas from valve cover breather Then it starts miss firing and puking raw gas out of the breather hose coming off the top of the valve cover. The engine does not care as long as there is one. This makes an unnecessary mess in the bilges and my first thought was to guide the pipe into a plastic bottle which I can then empty from time to time. I had one in the oil fill cap of my P710024V along with the stock puke tube extended down past the oil pan and it made a mess of my valve cover. Nov 01, 2013 · On my modified 1275 Austin engine, I used the OEM vented style oil cap and ran a hose from the separator on the timing cover to the front of the K&N air filter – this gave acceptable air flow and was probably the very minimum acceptable. I am now running a breather tank with a hose coming from each breather to the tank. RevTech Adjustable Breather Valves. If you have oil coming out of there, and it smells funny, I would suggest you Drain the oil out of that machine and replace it with new before you run it again. This is known as “sumping†. The second item is to have a design to prohibit any debris from entering the engine through the breather and to prevent oil in the valve cover from being sucked out of the valve cover by the suction of the intake manifold. Is the tank internals accessable thru a cover plate-you mentioned an internal filter? mike The crankcase pressure coming from the breather is minimal and not much if anymore than the normal crank case vent pressure. See can you put another PCV valve in the other valve cover and run it to the breather. I have a new to my 280z with triple weber carbs. At that time i only had breather on the valve covers, and smoke was coming out from them like steam engines, constant thick white smoke. Feb 16, 2009 · It's not so much pushing air, more like it's getting air pulled out. Can you tell me what my problem is? Thanks, Troy —————-Troy, if what you mean by breather is the air intake port (maybe with a filter on it) and oil is coming out there, I suspect two problems. Filter is oem. added oil and checked oil on a level surface and with just a little showing on the dipstick started back home, after a couple Usually it is just a bad PCV valve, but you've covered that one. And that’s bad for obvious reasons. Very slight film of oil in the middle of the cap "pipe" that goes into the valve cover grommet, but the foam filter insert was dry and clean. I put a valve cover breather on my valve cover and well ummm. Even with the elbow I still get oil coming up out of the breather. A certain amount of cylinder pressure will always find its way into the oil pan. (I had the same concern when I got my new-to-me 350F. Oil seeps from my valve covers gaskets and breather chamber were on my coil packs and dripping onto my exhaust manifold. Eventually you have so much blow-by, you lose power. only happens after high rpm driving like on the highway. Please reply with the model number or numbers if can and I will do my best to figure out where the oil could be coming from. i had plugged up the breather tube on the block breather and used a newer style breather like the c15s on the valve cover. yes felpro 1600 are thicker cork gaskets but how is sealing the valve cover to the block going to help with a blow by breather issue thats either bad rings or blown gasket , the air pressurizing the block to blow oil out the breathers has to come from somewhere . In addition, you may also notice oil leaking through the seals and dripping on to the floor of your garage. But typically this is a blow by issue, excessive ring wear, broken rings etc but you may want to pull off the valve cover and check it out after you try Dans suggestions. 99 seconds and faster. 100", don't know exactly how much. Oil level is between full and add. In an internal combustion engine, a crankcase ventilation system removes unwanted gases Excessive crankcase pressure can furthermore lead to engine oil leaks past the crankshaft seals and The breather is often located in the oil cap. The next major red flag is your statement that you have a breather on the valve cover. I reinstalled the valve cover and ran the engine about 30 more minutes and only counted about 1/2 dozen drops of oil. I have a pcv on one side and a breather on the other is there a catch can or a oil air separator I can install to eliminate the smoke and oil and if so what's recommended thanks While cleaning the engine room recently I noticed a few drips of oil from the rocker cover breather pipe which just hangs down in the engine bay (Volvo KAD42 diesel). Jan 11, 2019 · Here are some common causes of blow-by and excessive oil consumption and how you can avoid them on your next engine build. To prevent oil fumes from being released into the atmosphere the breather is routed to the air box or intake just after the filter. My starter would have oil dripping down it and the oil drips would wind up directly in the center of the flywheel cover. I saw white smoke blowing out of the breather cover vent hole, so I took breather cover off down to reed and left the inside cover on, I turned the engine over with the inside plate still on and as soon as it started turning over there was oil comming out from the little bottom hole on the inside breather plate. Blow-by gases entering the crankcase by leaking past the pistons and Of course, the smell from persistent oil leaks from the crankcase breather—oil  11 Jan 2019 Excessive oil consumption causes carbon to build up on the piston's . The unwanted gases, called "blow-by", are gases from the combustion chamber which have leaked past the piston rings. ? I have a riding mower with a 12 1/2 horse OHV engine. Jan 30, 2006 · On a V-8 or V-6 engine, the valve covers are at an angle, and the oil accumulates at the bottom of the valve cover. Find Moroso Positive Locking Breathers 68788 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Designed just for racecars, Moroso's positive-locking valve cover breathers meet the rules for cars running 7. The carb may be coked up at that vacuum tube and unable to draw crankcase gasses out the valve cover. I have a new PCV valve in the passenger side cover, with a baffle. i posted the other day about my oil leak, i had a small ammount of oil leaking from my filter cover, so i checked my filter and put a clean filter in, drove it around the block and thought everything was ok,, but went to the store and noticed oil all over my pipes etc. These simple devices work to separate liquid oil from the crankcase Many enthusiasts thought the oil came from poor factory cylinder If your street engine tends to pull too much oil through the PCV valve or the valve cover breathers  CFM Performance valve cover breathers are the best money can buy and is the It is the only breather on the market which incorporates a check ball to keep unmetered air from coming through while the PCV system is active and the crankcase is oil particles in the engine rather than allowing them to exit the valve cover  Where can my smoke come from, and how can i solve this? don't know your engine needs new valve guide seals to keep oil from getting past  1 Mar 2014 Oil seeps from my valve covers gaskets and breather chamber were to removing the valve cover to avoid getting fuel into the crankcase oil. In my case I'm losing a lot of oil between services - 4 litres, most of which I believe is coming out the breather. Sep 21, 2010 · The end result of this Breather Kit apparatus is that instead of blowing out on the engine and the driver’s pants, the oil mist now blows out from the rubber hose’s end. When oil comes from the tube, it seems to me like their may be too much "pressure" inside of the engine, causing oil to come out from The purpose of the relief valve is to protect the engine from excessive oil pressure. The breather on the passenger side valve cover has a PCV valve in the top. In you 89 model, the crankcase breaths from behind the oil pump through a tube that runs to the backside of the air filter assembly. 3 8 valve not the 6 when i took off the valve cover and turned it over there was a platic fitting which i assume is where the vaccuum was and it had a little stem on the stem was a 2 inch plastic tube that went to a stem on my valve cover and it was the tube that was inbetween that was messing up getting oil in my breather tube sucked since it would eventaully spew oil thru out my After talking a bit with Pete, I'm definitely puzzled at how the air makes its way through the oil channels through the head to the crankcase. On my 2001 Honda Civic, 205k miles, I've noticed that there is oil coming from my valve cover to intake breather hose. I'm thinking of putting a 3" wide piece of flashing on the two bolts, under the cover. After repairing the Audi A6 crankcase breather hose system it is common for engine oil leaks to subside and/or stop. Would it make any difference if the breather was disconnected, the hole in the air filter box blanked off & the breather run to just vent to the atmosphere. This tells me you have a oil or internal engine problem. I immediately shut the car off. There is a second line that comes out of the case behind the cylinder on the clutch side. If you have a high crankcase pressure event, you could end up with oil coming out that line (maybe a lot). Each valve cover has a breather and the valve cover have baffles. Now just the opposite, if you have pressure at the valve cover hole you have a problem of some sort. I picked up a 98 road king i was told in 2010 the evo engine was replace with the same crate size 80 ci evo my problem is it leaks oil out the front breather vent i took rocker box off the mushroom oil deflector was in the wrong place i put a new one in the rite place put back together same leak so i took off cam cover the breather gear was These tanks should have a minimum 1 litre capacity, 2 top inlet connections (1 crankcase vent and 1 valve/cam cover vent), a sight gauge (to indicate the level of any oil inside) and a bottom plug or tap to allow the oil to be drained off when necessary. I'd suggest replacing this to prevent your oil "loss" problem. Re: Valve cover breather/PVC question On my engines, I run a hose from the driver's side valve cover (breather) to the air cleaner base and a hose from the passenger's side valve cover (PCV) to the intake manifold (just below the carb). That way when the oil gets blown out the drivers side under boost, the filter isnt fully responsible for catching the oil (or the sponge in the air box if you are still using the stock air box). If there is excessive pressure in the crank case enough to push out 2 seals and rupture a 3rd in the fuel pumps wouldn’t it be blowing oil out the breather vent, pushing the PCV valve out of its valve cover and leaking at the front and rear main seals? I’m missing something obvious here. But even with a piece of cloth (it’s just an old sock!) around that big breather, it still drips oil on my valve covers. Obviously concerned, it seems its coming from the right side breather hose that connects to the right valve cover. The proper way to route it is valve on one valve cover and breather on the other -- this way you have fresh air coming in one side and flowing through the engine and going out the other side. The gasket resembles an egg carton and is made of rubber or cork. it could be condinsation, but unlikly after warm up, but i have heard latly, OIL breaking down in the first 3 mins of start up, a few companys had this issue, the viscoscity broke down, and the oil turned into a milky water. I was thinking of buying one of those big oil separators. I thought it was the valve covers, then the rear main seal, etc. So by adding a filter which the system needs to have as you now have it configured, you are using the oil fill hole as an oil fil/vent and probably splashing oil is the reason for the seepage there. Dec 10, 2019 · Head gasket can also take responsibility for the oil coming out of exhaust. Oct 03, 2011 · I have, with a few engines replaced all gaskets, seals, and the valve cover, in case the metal piece in the valve cover was worn, sticking open, and still have the problem of oil coming out of the breather tube. What I thought was engine oil leaking from the valve cover breather hose, it was differential oil leaking from the front differential cause by loose and missing bolts on the cover. There are some real nice looking breather caps available for these engines. With a turbo the PCV is closed under boost so any positive crank case pressure comes out the breather. Its its idling it wont leak but once its trucking along it will push oil oil out the breather tube. Nothing came out of my breather pipe when I ran the bike. The breather seemed to check out fine but I replaced it with new anyway but problem remains. Oil Consumption Test Study A common question we get from our customers is about oil consumption through the PCV system. My engine builder says I need an evac system. It is possible that the crankcase has lost is negative pressure and now is positive and is pushing the oil out the breather vent. So if anyone can help me get rid of this oil spill I will apreciate it. Help. Hey Terry did you find out why where you leaking oil out the fly wheel my 2010 pro star with a isx is doin the same thing but I put a breather in the inspection hole about 2 months before I noticed blue smoke coming out the exhaust pipe I’m goin to remove the breather I put on it I haven’t done it yet but do you have any suggestions My stock motor 16 R3R has some oil coming out of the crankcase breather also. A PCV valve can be either at the front or the back of the valve cover. This was a bit tricky, as I had to drill a small hole for a 1/4-28 tap being careful not to drill all the way through. i also needed to run a crank case evac, it would blow the breather right out, A bit of oil coming out of the breather on initial start up may simply be normal. Like Marv said- a leakdown test might tell you what's leaking. It is irritating but natural. The only reason I don't have a baffle is because I don't have any other place to add oil and it makes it SOOO much easier and faster to add oil Jan 27, 2013 · Is there anything I can do to keep the oil from blowing out? I thought about running a long breather tube maybe 3-4' long of of the valve covers and behind the engine to either 1) give more length to allow the oil to not reach the end or 2) allowing it to blow out under the car rather than in my face and all over the exhaust. Leaks past exhaust valves will be heard coming out of the exhaust canister. The Edelbrock Valve Cover Grommet is made from rubber and includes Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV). I discovered this past summer that my unit drops about a half cup of oil on the ground when stopping after being on the road. The breather tank is 12" x 12" x 10" tall. We use a few Xinling (CN250) buggies and they used oil like we were oil company share holders. I have an oil filler/breather cap on mine and a PCV valve on the other side. However, at idle, it pulls vacuum on the crankcase, so it's Ok. It was always just a few drops a day. especially the passenger side one. Troubleshooting A Crankcase Breather That Is Blowing Oil If your crankcase breather is passing oil, chances are that something's wrong (Okay, we know something's wrong, but don't be too alarmed). Leave it between between mid and top line. I put clamps on the fuel line last night and changed a tire out on the drivers side rear. Once there, the only way it can get out is through the drain tube on the bottom. Help BBF 460 oil misting out valve cover breather and we are trying to find a way to stop it pictures of a setup would be great and we are also both running a 460 Mar 11, 2018 · Wet sumping is one possible answer. Intake Manifold PCV Check Valve With the engine off, locate the corrugated hose coming out of the top of the PCV check valve: I will still need to wait and see if the P030x misfire DTCs are also gone. I have been working on a 2000 drz 400e that I just got. For example, when starting a cold engine in 20-degree weather and using 20/50 oil, the relief valve will open and protect the engine from extreme pressures that can damage engine seals. (no pcv valve other than the one behind the EFI intake manifold) hey guys I have a 1967 327 that has the oil breather on the passenger side by the firewall end of the valve cover and the pcv hose to carb vacuum is located on the drivers side from of valve cover. There is plenty of oil and water in the machine, and it is serviced regularly. i have the finned aluminum valve covers that have "351 cleveland" on them and they use screw in breathers, which i have. Major oil blow back from breathers from valve cover!!!!! My 06 wagon has very very bad blow back problem from the breathers coming from both valve covers!!! I installed a oil catch can but over time it gets worse and worse. Installation is fast and simple. The valve gasket seals the connection between the valve cover and valve chamber. I realise that there may be some oil fumes coming out of the breather pipe, so it could be run into a catch pot if neccesarry. Buy products related to edelbrock valve cover products and see what customers say about edelbrock valve cover products on Amazon. 9 liter ford, its in a 1967 pickup. I’m thinking diaphragm in the fuel pump itself is going bad. I go to start the car up and it is giving me some trouble. Check and see if there is oil coming out at the bottom where the valve shaft goes into the crackcase. Those covers have baffles in them. This kit is a direct replacement for your factory oil fill cap and allows unwanted crankcase pressure to exit. When I put a new air filter in, after driving the car the air filter gets 1971 Engine blowing oil into breather causing car to miss and backfire after about 20 minutes. Make sure the PCV hoses are in good shape and have vacuum. Apr 27, 2011 · I sent it into ECMTuning and it was repaired and is on it's way back. still obd0 runs on a pm6, the idle drops at a stop or dies and also has a miss at idle. Those fumes stink too, if the can works you may want to vent it to the airbox again. Take the breather cover off the engine and clean the cover with a rag. Aug 27, 2008 · As it mixes with the oil, the gas/oil mix will rise until above the crankcase breather level. After the bike has sat for awhile, oil seeps through the check valve and fills the crankcase, which on a Harley V-twin is normally a dry sump. Timberwolf TW P1 leaking hydraulic fluid out of breather I have noticed it will stop coming out if the cylinder is being cycled. And it remains to be seen if my oil drip will stop. This leads to the suggestion that the rubber hose ought to not be pointing towards anything which the rider does not wish to have covered in oil mist. The source of this fresh air is the "crankcase breather", which is usually ducted from the engine's intake manifold. When you start to build boost, the pcv valve shuts closed, and then a new airpath for ventialtion is opened = the intake, and when coming to a stop, the pcv valve path is re-opened, and vice-versa. Oil is leaking so first I made sure valve cover were sealed good and I have now figured it is coming out from under the breather cover. Have A Big Block Chev About 600hp, Do Not Drag This Car, But When I Really Get Down On It Hard, Oil Blows Back Up Thru The Breathers On The Valve Oil Blowing Out Of Valve Cover Vent Be A CHR Contributor im getting oil spewing out of my breathers. Then my mother asks me about the several black spots in the gravel driveway today so I'm begining to wonder if something is wrong with my truck. Apr 14, 2010 · the engine is a straight six 300 4. If the leaks do not stop, check these common Audi A6 oil leak points: 1) The cam chain tensioner gaskets and seals. But then I see the instructions for a anderson powerpipe and they say to plug the little hose tube and put a breather on the oil fill tube. Ok guys my motor a 1981 650 checks out as follows compression Hot 150- 150 after 5 min. as it was running i took the oil dip stick out and there is a lot of air and a slight mist of oil i assume with both pistons coming down at the same time i assume there is a lot of crank case psi. Permit the engine builder to alter breather timing to match the displacement of the motor. I have a PCV system on it with a TFS catch can. The tube that the liquid is coming out of is the crankcase vent. I replaced that I just finished a restore on a 1958 XLH. Or, around the oil filler neck area (breather deflector installed incorrectly or breather-to-filler neck seal is defective). To confirm the source of the leak, wipe away the oil buildup and run the engine for a short time. What if I put a PCV there so oil just can't spray out? I have oil coming from the breather on my valve cover for my pcv system. Assuming the cap is not defective and is installed properly, the only way oil would leak through the cap is due to pressure in the crankcase. it has a 2" breather tube in the centre that stops 1-1/4" before the bottom (vertical) of the tank. To keep it looking stock I'm using the vented 216 valve cover, no filler cap. Blow-by is caused by bad ring seal, and it doesn't sound like that is the issue in this case. Today while sitting at a light, I noticed smoke coming from under the hood turns out that it was coming out of the breather, not just a little, A LOT of vapour. stall. Being a part of the exhaust system, these act as a seal between the engine heads and the block. PCV Valve Baffle vs. Sep 19, 2014 · Valve cover breathers also have a tendency to mist oil all over the engine. I have a 86 350 I was told has blow by because I have a little oil and smoke coming out of the valve cover breather. when the PCV valve fails, so the oil is pushed out through the seals This will keep your vehicle running smoothly and keep your fuel  The flow of fresh air through the crankcase helped pull moisture out of the oil to and escape into the atmosphere through the oil filler cap or valve cover breather. Several things could cause oil loss through the filler cap: 1. crank case breather drips oil by') and valve guides, and the breathers take care of this and stop My old BMC had a huge amount of gas coming out of the 1969 triumph t100c, oil coming out of I got a few drops of oil coming out the breather, until I put a hose on it and ran it up to the tank and "T'd" off a line to the oil breather box kit is a bandaid but does work. It’s easy and cheap to change with the engine in the frame by just draining the oil then removing the engine cover. If that checks out, you may need to remove the valve cover and have a small baffle I have a lot of smoke coming out of my oil dipstick, my oil cap, and when I remove the pcv valve while the car is running, a lot of smoke comes out. Even with the valve cover baffels in place it spits the oil out. Mar 11, 2013 · Valve Cover Gasket Leaks. Today I put the fittings in for a breather tube from the intake valve cover to the manifold of my Mikuni VM-34. Aug 06, 2005 · WM, on the oil breather, because it's sits on top of the valve cover and any oil that is pushed out tends to attract dust and look messy on the head I put a breather within the breather type of deal, bit like a plastic straw, if you push it in the breather cap about an inch, any oil in the pipe will go to the top of the original tube while still allowing it to breath out of the insert. I have 4 breathers on it, I have baffles in the valve covers. I suppose I could run it down that low and then sell it to the first sucker that comes my way. you also said oil was coming out of the oil tower. is the louver plate installed under the oil tower and the case and was it installed correctly. The oil separator valve is mounted to the right rear of the intake manifold. enough to run onto manifold. The main culprit is ring wear alowing pressure from the combustion chamber into the crankcase and this in turn blows oil out via the breathers, one on the top of the alternator cover and one on the valve cover on top. I read a post maybe, here, maybe snow bum, but it was recommended not to top the oil off to the top of the stick. Car starts fine. This is quite easy by conecting a hose to the breather nipple and lead that hose away. anything to stop someone fitting one of these valves to an EGR equipped model. Car runs fine, sounds great. Also smelt burning oil i think, again couldnt getting running. Does the oil leak out the Jan 02, 2011 · I wonder if a piece of sponge or cloth or maybe a plug of Scotchbrite might stop the splashing, but still let it breathe. Would someone pls clarify what an oil breather does? I'm brushing up on my oil breather pressure and temp guages, but need to understand in more detail the function of the oil breather first. Smoke coming out of oil fill port. Is there any way to stop this? SOURCE: 89 Harley FLTCU oil coming from the crankcase breather tube and This is an age old problem for the Harley engine. I have quite a bit of air coming out of my engine breather hose at the same rate as my exhaust and thinking it has something to do with the 03 exhaust cam mode I did this spring. The crankcase breather system is broken up into two parts on the M62 8-cylinder engine. If the cam case was primed as it should be, this oil will discharge, often a large amount (about a half a cup). Dec 23, 2016 · Page 1 of 2 - K301 oil out the breather - posted in Garden Tractor Forum: Got a k301 rebuild and it runs like a champ I had it going for about 30min just driving it around to break it in and see is there was any problems Well after I shut off the motor I noticed oil dripping I took off the air filter and its coming out of the valve breather. It is blowing out while the pump is running. No more leaks from where the gasket is, but I'm blowing a lot of oil out of the grommets, they fit fine but there's still oil all over the outside of the valve covers wherever there is a grommet. When I drive it hard oil comes out of my passenger side valve cover I shouldn't put a pcv valve on both sides to keep oil from coming out and  25 May 2018 Improper blow-by control can lead to oily breather and valve covers. I pulled into a parking lot and noticed that the valve cover breather on the passenger side was pushed out and some oil came out, not alot but enought to notice. If you have leakage past your intake valves, you will hear it coming out of the intake ports or carbs or airbox. After the 2 breather elements continually got soaked in oil, and taking some advise from Jeff Cook in another thread about the pcv, I swapped out to a pcv valve, and I no longer have the breather getting soaked in oil. This meant I had to use one of those push in breather filters on the valve cover at the back. Lamjdun mentioned that a valve internal to the Cam cover can block up. My 2004. For carbs that have a 3/8" hose barb in the baseplate that is open to manifold vacuum that is also good. May 05, 2017 · I had a PCV valve on the engine, but at highway speeds it would sometimes push out the dip stick so I removed it and just put a big breather on the valve cover. I think you'd have to have a lot of gunk under the valve cover to stop the oil draining though. In an internal combustion engine, a crankcase ventilation system removes unwanted gases from the crankcase. The valve covers are on the top of the engine and provide protection for the valves and rocker arms. Perhaps I could just ride it until the engine blows. If you have a vacuum leak, you may have a bad PCV valve. Nov 24, 2013 · To be honest I don't know what the clearance was. Brand new engine rebuild. Any ideas why? Its a zc block y8 head,IM, & TB. That is the "engine vent/breather. Pinch or block off the vacuum hose to the PCV valve with the engine idling at gasket is probably leaking and pulling vacuum on the crankcase (replace the  Oil is at the right level. On that engine if you follow that tube it go's to the valve cover. was all brittle thin plastic and cracked up and exposing the valve cover breather hose port to the atmosphere. As a engine runs the crankcase will build up air pressure and that tube vents it into the air cleaner. All I wanted to do was replace the valve guides to control the oil burning issue. Feb 13, 2012 · There is an breather line out of the back of the valve cover connected to the airbox. With time, it accumulates and releases a drip at a time from the bottom of your breather cover (tear drop). Don't know where that noise is coming from. i had a tecumseh that did that because someone If you pull the dipstick can you smell the same thing as whats coming out the breather? Once it starts, how long does it continue, or does it ever stop by itself? 11 Jan 2016 The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve works to evacuate gas from oil consumption, oil leaking, a blocked breather filter, and reduction in overall performance. I rev the engine and a mixture of fuel and oil comes spewing out of the breather valve hose. If you have so much blow-by that there is actually pressure coming out that breather cap (or the dipstick tube, or the oil filler caps) you have This replaced a'48 216. Well don't blame the gaskets. This puking will continue after initial start up until all the excess oil has been fired out, which can take a while. Once you get 'er hot and run it for a while I bet it goes away. I understand and repaired the oil pump check valve ball and stopped the oil draining out of the tank. Jan 25, 2006 · I suspect the return oil is spraying across the tank breather opening and the release of air thru the breather is entraining the oil in the airstream. I was wanting to know if anyone knew why this would happen. Getting that on your rear tire = not fun. Increasing the stroke or cylinder bore changes the total volume of the crank-case. Many of our LBC's suffer from terminal oil leaks. Chris, I just made the swap from 2 breather elements, and swapped out a pcv valve on the right side valve cover. My oil breather is soaked with oil, even with a baffle underneath the grommet. another symtom of excessive case pressure is for oil to leak from behind the crank pulley. May 10, 2012 · White Smoke/steam Coming From Crankcase Breather - posted in Mechanical & Hydraulics Forum: Hey All Since my rebuild on my Kohler K321 a few weeks ago, I've noticed that after i've been working for awhile there is a smoke/steam that is coming from the crankcase breather. You can try removing the oil pump check valve ball & spring. I will certainly check it out. Jul 14, 2015 · CFM Performance now makes it easy to vent the crankcase on your 2013+ Focus ST & Fiesta ST with our billet valve cover baffled breather kit. Every bolt was loose, one almost came out and two bolts are missing. Does the oil come out of the breather tube continuously or just when you first start up? It is a very common Pan problem for oil to get past the check valve ball in the oil pump and enter the sump when it is sitting about. I have heard a lot of guys say that you can't put a breather on the oil fill tube on the valve cover because it sucks unmetered air. No aligning timing marks, and no rotating parts. There will ALWAYS be oil coming from the breather nipple, but if the oil stain still forms under the engine, you know the carb is blowing back. Jun 17, 2007 · Is there a baffle in the valve cover where the breather plugs in? OR is there a baffle in the breather itself? THere has to be a baffle to separate the oil from the air coming out of the breather. Did you try pulling the starter rope a bit when it happens to see if it changes or goes away? The breather filters are attatched on one end of each plastic tube. The oil from the sump will be pumped back up to the tank, dribble down the vent tube to the timing cover, from where it is fired out the engine breather. i have the 2. I'm confused. The oil comes out or the breather hole between the engine oil pan and the transmission. The breather pipe to the rocker cover blows white smoke down under the machine. Changed the rings last year. It is in fact caused by blowby, or compression in the cylinder head cover. Oil is supposed to drain back to the crankcase through holes cast into the cylinder head. just put 95 fatboy back together after 3 summers apart new cam Andrews 27 , cam bearing rocker box gaskets middle and center new oil pump putting out 40 psi cold checked compression 140 cold, start up and it pumps the oil out the breather tube to the point that it will flood the head and blow it out the talil pipe also. Sep 13, 2011 · Why does Apple TV stop streaming? The smoke is because the oil is coming through air cleaner and pcv valve out of valve cover at freeway speeds blow by pushes oil through vent tube into air B: Run a hose from the drivers side valve cover vent to a second catch can, then put the breather filter on what would be the outlet for the catch can. There is a reason the factory puts a hose on that valve cover leading up to the air cleaner housing. These puffs will smell more like the exhaust coming out of your tailpipe, with perhaps a slight undertone of additional fuel smell. That is if it is just coming out of the breather and your rings/heads are in good shape. 3 carb and the other day I was changing the plugs and noticed oil from the intake and when I opened it oil can pouring out and the air filter was socked in oil. It keeps the oil pressure in the engine from reaching critical levels & blowing out a gasket. Replace your PCV valve and check that the hose is pulling good vacuum at the back of the carb. 5 Dodge cummins is blowing oil out of breather pipe need help. Sam A. This is the transmission vent and it goes straight to the ground. Notice that any V-style engine uses a breather (fresh air inlet) on one valve cover and a PCV valve (which needs vacuum, either intake manifold or draft tube) on the other valve cover. In addition, piston engines operated in very cold conditions aloft sometimes have the oil breather line iced It has only around 40 miles on it and all the parts are new. Hopefully this is not your situation. I bought a pair of the mopar style push in breathers with the 5/8 vent tube coming out of the top on a upward angle. These grommets / oil plugs have a recessed Edelbrock script and are designed to plug the oil fill hole on any of Edelbrock's Signature Series valve covers or any stamped steel valve cover with a 1-1/4 diameter breather hole on similar designs. Is this correct and would it matter if it was the other way around for any reason. If the intake manifold PCV check valve has failed and you only replace the valve cover, you will find yourself replacing valve covers every few months not knowing why. We smoked the motor in my friend's MR2 last night, though. Actually with a pcv valve there should only be air entering the breather and not exiting it. Sometimes it just creates an ugly mess that you can also smell inside the car, but in some circumstances (like when the piston rings are going away) the engine can pump enough oil out of the breather. Apparently you can tell if the internal check valve has failed by putting a hose up to the little hole on the right rear of the valve cover and draw a vacuum--if oil comes out, the diaphragm has failed. It's a white-ish colour and puffs out fairly consistent. CCV will prevent the engine from siphoning crankcase gases and oil from . Rocker cover breather pipe (leak) Morning everyone, So guys, i changed two coils a few weeks back as i had a missfire on cyl 2 and 4, it drove better than ever afterwards and had since started acting a bit rough on idle and sometimes hesitating again. Dec 31, 2017 · In the middle of another project and I found several ounces of oil in the intake manifold. Buy this specific part online here: Amazon Affiliate Link Crankcase Breather Hose Apr 04, 2014 · I got on the creeper today and investigated further where the oil leak was coming from. It is why you have the breather hose to the airbox and the drain tube in the first place. This is accomplished with a thin plate covering the bottom opening of the breather. In fact, if the system is working properly, the breather will almost always Feb 14, 2011 · Hi. May 02, 2011 · I recently took a 61" scag in on trade with what I believe to be a kohler command 20hp (cv20 I believe on it). I replaced the in block breather and its leaking oil. The more of these lines you hook between the engine and breather, the less it will leak because vacuum is pulling all the pressure out of the engine block and crankcase so it won't push the oil out. $. 02 So even if I use these to possibly lessen the pressure, oil will/could still come out of them and I would continue to lose oil like I am now? Re: G9 Valve Cover Breather Tube You can buy them for gokarts also so they don't drip on the track. Sep 17, 2013 · The tube that the liquid is coming out of is the crankcase vent. I had the air cleaner assembly off. The combustion process is never perfect. 148 - 147 but i can not get the oil to stop from coming out of the breather and it is making a mess. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Oct 03, 2011 · I have, with a few engines replaced all gaskets, seals, and the valve cover, in case the metal piece in the valve cover was worn, sticking open, and still have the problem of oil coming out of the breather tube. If i drive say, 20 miles, i got through a quart of oil. Having vacuum at the valve cover hole is a good thing which means the PCV is doing it's job. While changing my lift pump out this past Monday I noticed that I have more than a ideal amount of oil dripping out of my blow by tube. i took the hose off and the crankcase is blowing Hot air coming from the breather tube/oil cap is normal, hence the fact its just clean it out, keep an eye on your oil levels and your cleaned filter and  If at idle pcv highly restricts air coming from crankcase, then be less than atmospheric to draw air from intake before throttle plate via breather tube. my 202 motor has just been re-conditioned, compression is ok, leaves a film of oil on tappet cover. There was "smoke" coming out the breather. Here are some things to look for while you're searching for the source of the issue: Jun 02, 2007 · I have the same valve covers with a PCV valve in the driver's side, and a breather in the other one. It doesn't leak when parked for extended periods or when running on the road ---- just when stopping like at a rest stop. After about 20 minutes of running driving begins to miss, backfire and then thats it. Blame the engine design, and years of wear and tear of normal operation. I took the cap off the valve cover, and there seems to be positive pressure in the crankcase, as the cap will 'float' on the cover, and not from vibration either now I am worried. Jul 26, 2013 · It's probably just condensation from the engine being opened up. That's when I started having trouble with oil coming out of the breather on the other valve cover. how to stop oil coming out of valve cover breather